B. Blake Levitt

"Full Signal, The Hidden Cost of Cell Phones," by Talal Jabari, 2010

B. Blake Levitt interviewed in award-winning documentaries and seen on YouTube: Selected Works

From a 2007 U.S. Congressional Briefing sponsored by The EMR Policy Institute.
Documentary Films
Excellent overview of issues surrounding environmental/health problems and radiofrequency radiation. Explores the Lookout Mt., Colorado community's fight over an HDTV tower in the midst of one of the world's largest antenna farms.
An in-depth exploration of the science, politics, government incompetence and industry cover-ups of the health and environmental effects of the wireless revolution.
A tour de force film about the smart grid's implications for privacy, national security, human and environmental health, constitutional rights and energy savings. A real eye-opener on what's actually behind this dangerous and dumb buildout.
Winner of several awards, filmed on four continents and translated into seven languages, this riveting film explores the hidden dangers of cell phones and accompanying cell tower infrastructure.
Non-Fiction Books by B. Blake Levitt
Publisher’s Note:As significant for Americans in the 1990’s as Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring was in the 1960’s. “...a wake-up call.”
--New Orleans Times-Picayune
“Excellent resource...intended for the layperson and anyone...concerned with cell towers.”
Monitoring Times

“A passionate text for the lay reader as well as the informed biologist.”
Awareness Magazine
What every couple needs to know before commencing this most important decision.
"Concise, well-organized, down to earth, and upbeat... highly recommened for infertility patients and for their doctor's waiting rooms." -- Merle Bombardieri, M.S.D., B.C.D., author of The Baby Decision

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